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Squirrel Bike Design 2 by SlashSlashX
Squirrel Bike Design 2
Just some other views of the bike design. Are you happy with it or would you like me to try again?
Squirrel Bike Design 1 by SlashSlashX
Squirrel Bike Design 1
You asked for a bike. This is what I came up with. Again, no colour but the decorations on it would be neon. Think Tron style bike. They hover slightly above the ground and the seat is adjustable so you can lean back or you can lean forward. Up to you.
Squirrel Ship Design 2 by SlashSlashX
Squirrel Ship Design 2
Same ship but from the front. No colour as I'm trying to get these posted beofre I loose my scanner. I'll have it back on the 7th but it's still pushing itme. I know it's not too clear but the circles behind it are sheilds and used to refuel the organic parts of the ship. It unfirles them by a light source and can then boost. I'll try and get a coloured one up if you like the design.
Squirrel Ship Design One by SlashSlashX
Squirrel Ship Design One
I seem to post a great deal to do with the Squirrel event. I'll try and update with a few new pieces. (I haven't stopped drawing. Just having a lot of fun with real life.)
Anyway, here's the ship guys!
The colours are meant to be neon (I'll try and update that) and the tree is the main computer. It's a metal based ship with organic parts. The purple shade at the front is a sheild it can call upon in times of attack. The whole ship is avalable to move through. What do you think?
Amy Saving Shadow by SlashSlashX
Amy Saving Shadow
I know, it's been a while since I submitted anything to my gallery. The main reason for it is because of that stupid ad that a number of sites are showing. It automaticly redirects the page even if you haven't clicked anything and I'm fed up with it. I found a temporary solution which means I don't see any ads. So congratulations which ever marketing department thought that was a smart idea, I'm not seeing your ad or any of your ads. Really neat move.

Now onto the art. I had this idea last year but I thought I'd save it as I was playing around with a new scanner and was getting the thing to scan without bleaching all the colour from it. I'm not sure why I tend to draw Amy older, possibly because I like to believe that she becomes more sensible as she matures. As for the pose, this was a real experiement for me. I wanted to see if I could do a protective pose that looked natural without covering too much of one character. I think I managed it here. The story (such as it is) that I had for this is Shadow has once again been caught by some organisation keen to use him for evil. Aware of Shadow's power levels they imprison him in a prison with white walls (because it's hi tech) and restain his movements as much as they can since they're not sure if they'll be disecting him or not. Amy, being Amy, decides to try and Help Shadow out. She finds him but before she can work out how to get him free, someone finds her. It was interesting to reverse the roles with this one since Shadow is normally viewed by the fandom as the one protecting Amy from harm. Here it's Amy's turn and I have to say I like the look of determination I got with her.
But this image does prove that I can't draw that hammer of her's. Five tries and it's still not right. I wish SEGA would stick with a standard design for that thing.
Ah well, Happy Valentines Day. Take care of those you love.

Disclaimer: Shadow the Hedgehog and Amy Rose are owned by SEGA. This is a fan work done for some fun and is not endorsed by SEGA in any way.


Chewing through the restraints
United Kingdom
Current Residence: It's that green and blue place, third one from the sun in that sparkly system.
Favourite genre of music: No clue.
Favourite photographer: Don't think I know any.
Favourite style of art: Not sure, I can't use any of 'em.
Operating System: It works and I don't get the spanner.
MP3 player of choice: One that works.
Shell of choice: Blue/green peal
Wallpaper of choice: Computer or room?
Skin of choice: Blue. Tropical beach blue.
Favourite cartoon character: They're all so huggable!!!
Personal Quote: Don't let reality spoil your day!
I know I went to ground for a while, a habbit I seem incapbable of breaking, but in this case it was because I was fed up with DA repeatedly loading the ad that would try and get me to update Java to view it. Nto only would it take me away from DA when I didn't want it to, I know for a fact my Java is as up to date as you can get. I don't want the ad, I don't want to view whatever it is you deem so important you decided to take me away from what I was doing and most of all, I don't want to give you any reason to be any more of an antisocial, creeping, callous, skin illness than you already are for thinking this was not only okay to do but important enough to make!
Basicly, I got sick of continually running my virus checker and being removed from DA when I was half way through a comment. As those who watch me may know, I put a great deal of effort into my feedback on pictures and descriptions of my own art. It reached a point where I was storming off from the computer because this pathetic waist of processing power was robbing me of my comments.
So I left DA until it had sorted itself out. During which time I came to a decition. I won't leave DA. I enjoy the site and the art. I'll keep posting stuff and talk to people here. But I won't keep saying that I'm back for good. Sometimes life takes over or the site is broken or something important needs my attention. When that happens DA will take a back seat. But I'll still be here and check in when I can.
Plus, my art seems to be getting attention. Last year I illustrated a book. For a family member but still it was published. This year I've been asked to do the back grounds for a small pantomie near where I work. It's a small step but for the first time I'll have credit for it! I may be working hard on that but I also found the time to get all the sketches and pictures I've been working on this year scanned and resized. This will not be like the Ayacon photos but expect a few pictures including a return to some ShadAmy stuff.
In the meantime, 11,000 messages are waiting for me. Best get to work.

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